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ATL #1DJ "DJ Jelly"来日!!

 投稿者:What it is Entertainment  投稿日:2007年 8月29日(水)16時40分45秒

ATL Block Party#2with special guest
Southern style DJ "Dj Jelly"
Also perfoming of the hottest ATL dansers.

クラブでヘビロテのUNK"Walk it out"のPVにも出演し、
Outcast, Too $hort,Young Bloods, Lil' Jon,
南部の大人気DJ "DJ Jelly" が、ATLからセクシー女性ダンサー
本場アトランタのDirty south Hip-Hopを体感するチャンス!!

Yes,Yes, You Know it's your boys WHAT IT IS, and 6Figures$
Taking over the game to another level with two ATL's HOTTEST Dancers.
So sexy, So sweet,So soft, Ladies "Kai Lynn and Chyna "are going
to show all you ladies what sexy all about.
And for the GUYS Bring them $$DOLLAR BILLS$$ You know what it is.
The ladies are going to give you a show like no other in JAPAN!!

8/29(Wed) @ Tokyo Azabu-juban WAREHOUSE
                 OPEN 11:00PM  MEN 2,500YEN (1D)
                                          LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT
                 More info:www-awarehouse.net
8/31(Fri)   @(Fussa) Club FLOW
                 OPEN 10:00PM ENTRANCE 1500YEN
9/1 (Sat)  @Roppongi Club MIDAS
                 OPEN 11:00PM  MAN 3500YEN
                                          LADIES 2500YEN *DRESS CODE*
9/2 (SUN) @Yokosuka Club Planet "Special DJ Jelly Birthday"
                OPEM 10:00PM ENTRANCE 2000YEN (1D)

[More info]
What it is entertainment: http://www.myspace.com/whatitis_ent
6 Figures$: http://www.myspace.com/sixfiguresinc?



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